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NoSugarCoat with Pooja Dhingra

Sep 9, 2018

  • 1 Chef's knife
  • A slightly drunk parrot
  • Many sunny side up eggs
  • 1 finely washed radish
  • An unmarked pork shoulder
  • 3 Michelin Star Restaurant
  • 2 Michelin Star Restaurant
  • 1 Michelin Star Restaurant
  • Some Bhut Jholakia to taste
  • And one pink latte to go

On this episode of NoSugarCoat, Pooja talks to Chef Pablo Naranjo Agular from Le 15 Cafe in Mumbai who grew up in Colombia and trained at Le Cordon Bleu before moving to India a few years ago.

Follow Pablo at @chefpablonaranjo and Pooja at @Poojadhingra.

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