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NoSugarCoat with Pooja Dhingra

Nov 11, 2018


  • Take some Income Tax Raids
  • Stir in a newspaper column for 20 years
  • Add 1 answering machine
  • Sprinkle some blind dates
  • Pepper in 39 books
  • Serve with barbeque chaas on the side

On the season finale of NoSugarCoat, Pooja chats to India’s most popular food critic, Rashmi Uday Singh. She talks about how she moved from...

Nov 4, 2018


  • 4 acres of farmland
  • 1 wholesome roast chicken
  • A job at the world’s best restaurant
  • Add one super secret love story
  • Some “seal the deal” pasta
  • Trail attempts to make a dosa
  • And 1 book of family recipes

This week on NoSugarCoat, Pooja calls up cookbook author and home cook Nadine Redzepi in Denmark. They talk...

Oct 28, 2018


  • 1 “super simple” lobster and avocado salad
  • 100 kilos of peeled walnuts
  • A zero-waste kitchen
  • A hint of wild lavender
  • A whole bunch of sea buckthorn
  • 1 purple sweet potato & coffee sorbet
  • Mix in nostalgia for Kashmiri home-cooking
  • Serve with some collard greens on the side

This week on NoSugarCoat, Pooja chats with...

Oct 21, 2018

  • Take 1 Chicago chef
  • 1 big leap of faith
  • 9 months of struggle
  • 1 aggressive fishmonger
  • Some CrossFit
  • A night that shall not be talked about
  • And multiple picklebacks!

This week on NoSugarCoat, Pooja talks to her friend and chef Kelvin Cheung. Raised and trained in the US, Kelvin moved to India 6 years ago to run Ellipsis...

Oct 14, 2018

  • 1 self-taught cook
  • Some kharvas
  • A private yacht
  • A beagle
  • 8 attempts at the perfect pulao
  • Stir with Jamie Oliver
  • Garnish with tons of dhaniya
  • A dollop of pineapple chutney
  • Served with homemade prawn pickle on the side

This week on NoSugarCoat, Pooja talks to chef and writer Maunika Gowardhan. Based in the UK, Maunika...